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National Women`s Day Celebration- Prominent Female Leaders Luncheon on March 12.


    In order to celebrate the national women`s day, “the National Women`s Day Celebration- Prominent Female Leaders Luncheon”, organized by the British Chamber of Commerce in China and sponsored by The International Butler Academy as well as the Chengdu Yintai Center, was grandly held at this march 12 in Chengdu Yintai Center, around 20 outstanding entrepreneuses from all walks of life attended this luncheon. The International Butler Academy, as the world`s top-level service institutions, is the pioneer of the butler-training and high-end service around the world. This time, in order to provide the best service for the distinguished guests, we, the butler team did a lot of thoughtful preparations to ensure the perfection of the whole activity. At last, after over 2 hours` service, the luncheon was marked with a perfect ending, butler team`s top-level service gained a favorable reputation among all the guests. “The best service comes from a heart with sincerity”, The International Butler Academy would keep the continuous development to improve the Chinese service industry and work on leading the new model of life for the wealthy families in China.

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