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Frequently asked questions

his "Frequently Asked Question" page was made in response to questions from students getting ready to come to The International Butler Academy China, or from prospective students requesting further information.


Please contact us in case you have a question or concern. Do study our web site first as we have done our very best to inform you as much as possible

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The training takes place in a real villa, with some of the very best trainers in the world. Everything imaginable is included in the fee, from room and board, to the butler uniform, and much much more. Don't be fooled with information from other schools. Don't compare apples with oranges. Do a real comparison.

Absolutely! We always encourage potential students to do their research and to do it well. Visit us if at all possible. We do request that you make an appointment beforehand. Visit other schools if you can. Do your research, and do it well.

The uniform is an integral part of the training. Our students run a real, large and ultra luxurious villa. Proper decorum is important. Need we say more.

Virtually every employment agency in the world recognizes the high standards represented by our diploma. However important this may be, the most important affiliation the school has, is with the exclusive International Guild of Professional Butlers. Employers from around the world certainly recognize the TIBA-China diploma. Over the years, we have proven the diploma's worth and the high quality of the TIBA graduates.

We support our graduating students 100 % either through our own recruitment division, our extensive network or through affiliated agencies. Our Chairman and our Director of Recruitment work with each student to help position him or her for a successful entry into the private service workforce.

No. None. We pay your airfare, hotel, taxis, meals, and anything else to do with the job interview. If we wish you to travel to a client by air, we will have a pre-paid airline ticket ready for you to be picked up at the airport on the day of departure.

No. We will negotiate for you. Normally speaking a salary indication and the job responsibilities are discussed with you before you go to a job interview. You will have all the information you require.

We stay in close contact with you and with the client to make sure all parties are satisfied. We sometimes visit the household to speak with you both for evaluation purposes. Sometimes we make recommendations. Either way, we are a telephone call away and will do our very best to make sure both you and our client are happy.

Distant learning does not work, at least not in our profession. Just read through our web site and what TIBA offers with its six-week program. Do you really think you can learn all of this and hope to become a professional butler through a distant learning program? If you are serious about becoming a butler, or if you are employed in service and wish to learn more - join our program. Our program works because it is based on practical, hands-on experience. A book, a correspondence course, or sitting in a classroom for a few days is not going to develop the necessary skill sets for you to be successful.

No, we do not. See answer above.

The TV networks invest a lot of money in their programs and documentaries and they are copyrighted. We do not have permission to put these programs on our web site. You may try or

Truly everything is included. Read the tuition fee page. If you can think of anything not included then let us know and we will include it. Washing powder for your clothes? Included. Candy? Included. Food and drinks on days off? Included. Print cartridges? Included. Transportation if you want to go into town on your day off? Included. Etc. Etc.

This is indeed a requirement. We find it essential that the core trainers know what the students go through, have done the same assignments and homework,  know what is taught, have been on all the field trips, have eaten the same meals, slept in the student apartments, etc. All trainers have worked hard to receive their TIBA diploma, This fact, combined with their experience in private service, their teaching skills and their absolute love for the butling profession, makes them the finest instructors you can imagine.

The total cost of the 6-week training program is 40’000 RMB to be paid no later than 30 days prior to the start of the training program. All fees are non-refundable, for any reason, but may be applied towards a future training program in case you must reschedule, fall ill, or have a personal situation which forces you to postpone. 

No. We are not a car dealership, and we have bills to pay. We will certainly assist students with filling out forms for loans, visas, or grants. We also will be pleased to write a Letter of Acceptance or Invitation for you. In the end however, the tuition fee is your responsibility.

Yes we can. A student who has a legitimate reason why he or she "must" take a particular training program that is full, is often granted admission providing the student writes a solid motivation letter.

Yes you may, but you must keep in mind that there are only a few days off and that you do need these free days to work on your homework and assignments.

Yes there is. This is given to the students on their first day of class and is fully reviewed with the students. All students are then required to sign off on this document as having fully comprehended it. The student handbook contains a lot of information on many topics and includes the overall training schedule also. As well, students are required to complete and sign a Confidentiality Agreement to ensure the security of both the Academy and the student.

The entire time spent at The International Butler Academy is practical experience. Every day each student has the opportunity to learn relevant skills through hands-on experience. 80% of your time with us will be practical.

This copying is unfortunately very true, but there is not that much we can do about it. By the time we have taken legal action and win a court case, or information is removed due to our attorney writing to the offender, we pay a lot of money in legal fees and the offenders are usually people with no funds at all. This means that we usually end up paying everything. Nevertheless we do take legal action from time to time. There are a lot of persons in this profession for the wrong reasons, who have no morals or integrity. That is just the way it is. We hope that people searching for training, or employers looking for staff, will do their research and know to come to us.

Bringing a laptop with you is indeed important to do your homework, do your research, stay in touch with your family and friends and perhaps play your favorite music. We provide wireless internet access both at school and in the student apartments In case you do not own a laptop or cannot borrow one from a friend, we do have computers with Internet access available at school for you to use.

Most of these photos were taken on graduation day, or during a formal event. We have thousands and thousands of photos to choose from and we chose the more formal ones. There are also informal photos to be found on our web site. The ceremonial part of being a butler is still very much alive and is something we believe in. It is practiced on a regular basis. The reason for a butler "standing to attention" the way you see on a number of photographs has to do with a particular kind of training that is rather unique to our school.

Yes, all apartments have a steam iron, including sprays for ironing, an ironing board and more. Bed linen and towels are of course provided also. The student apartments are equipped with everything you would expect in a private home. The apartments are very nice indeed, and within walking distance from our school and from the town center.

You must speak and understand English and be at least 18 years of age. There are no requirements concerning prior education or experience. Both mean little to us. You must have the kind of service oriented personality and character which will make you successful working in private service. How can we determine this? We can't. Even if we would spend a full day with you we can't. We do our best evaluating your information but in the end it is your decision. Age and gender are not important. The easiest way to signup is to email us your Resume (CV), a cover letter and a recent photo.

We do not expect our students to read such books. In fact, we prefer that students come to us with an open mind. In case students wish to read books we have an extensive library at school containing many interesting books. Our library contains relevant films, documentaries and TV series also. These materials may be borrowed upon request.

Part of our training has to do with public speaking. Everyone who has ever attended our training learned to be less shy and in the end had little, or no fear of public speaking. We understand that you will require personal attention, guidance and training. We will do our very best to help you. As far as a job is concerned, some employers prefer a shy person. Different employers have different wishes.

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