荷兰国际管家学院(中荷巴特勒管理咨询(成都)有限公司)  - Butlerschool

Training for hotels and resorts 酒店与度假村培训

Many top luxury hotels and resorts from around the world turn to The International Butler Academy China for the recruitment and training of hotel butlers, or for setting up butler or service departments. We are very proud that these clients choose to work with us and we are pleased that they find that our services render a large return on the initial investment. Lack of courtesy or poor service has long-reaching effects. Act now and upgrade your service department. Train, and at the same time motivate your staff to truly excel.Please contact us and allow us to assist you upgrading your butler or other service departments. We will be pleased to assist you.


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Customized Training 定制培训

Some facts. 96% of unhappy people never complain about discourtesy or poor service. Yet up to 91% of these people make a point of not doing business with those businesses ever again.Moreover, 13% of these people tell at least 20 other people about the discourtesy or poor service they encountered.A basic yet high quality training takes seven days.Depending on your wishes, we will customize a training curriculum for you and for your staff. In case a training of seven days or more is required we will include a customized training workbook for free. This is a huge value. As far as we know, no other training institution offers its clients such a valued service. Of course we will hand out valuable and beautiful certificates to the participating staff members who complete the training and meet your expectations. We will be pleased to discuss your wishes and our services in greater detail.Please contact us and let's get started.


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Case Study 案例

The International Butler Academy is extremely proud to have trained the butler and service staff of the top luxury, 46-all-suitQasr Al Sharq Hotel in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia. This Waldorf Astoria hotel is a true palace with meticulously opulent details adorning every corner. The hotel provides 24/7 features that include butler, valet and concierge services, laundry and pressing services; exceptional in-room dining, spa treatments and business services-help. For The International Butler Academy, this was one of its most extensive contracts to date. The InternationalButlerAcademy:




·    Trained some 300 staff members from various hotel departments

·    培训超过300名来自不同酒店各部门员工。

·    Trained the staff of the butler department

·    培训管家部门员工

·    Had the butler staff practice skills in case scenarios developed by The International Butler Academy in order to react to problems in a professional and discreet manner

·    专门针对特殊情况处理培训酒店员工服务技能

·    Assisted with setting up of the butler department, including hardware, software, SOP's and more

·    协助成立管家部门,建立软件,硬件和SOP(标准工作流程)等辅助工具。

·    Assisted with the writing of various operating manuals

·    协助编写服务指南。

·    Assisted with recruitment of various staff members

·    协助编写员工招聘指南。

·    Reviewed and assessed the suites and, based on our experience, identified its deficiencies

·    根据我们的专业经验重新评估,审查,提出改善套房设置意见。

·    And much more 以及其他专业性服务。

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Our Clients 我们的客户

"The Ritz Carlton - Barcelona, Spain"                        西班牙巴塞罗那-丽思卡尔顿酒店

"Soneva, Six Sences, Maldives"                                马尔代夫-索尼瓦第六感度假村

"The Esperanza - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico"             墨西哥-卡波圣卢卡斯埃斯佩兰萨度假村

"Four Seasons in Shanghai, China"                           中国-上海四季酒店

Hilton Hotels "Nemacolin Resort & Spa, USA"           希尔顿酒店集团-内马科林度假村

"Qasr Al Sharq, Saudi Arabia"                                   沙特阿拉伯-卡斯尔夏克酒店

"Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai"                                         迪拜-帆船酒店

"Thalassa, Cyprus"                                                     塞浦路斯-塔拉萨精品酒店和温泉中心

"St. Regis Hotel, Beijing, China"                                 中国-北京瑞吉酒店

"Chateau Regency, Beijing, China"                            中国北京-和乔丽晶公寓

"Oriental Royal, Hangzhou, China"                            中国杭州-东方润园

"Hotel Plaza Athenee, Bangkok, Thailand"                泰国曼谷-雅典娜广场酒店

"Altamer Resort, Anguilla, West Indies"                     印度安奎拉-阿塔马尔度假村

"Le Meridien, Kuwait"   Queen Mary 2                       科威特-艾美

Queen Mary 2                                                            玛丽皇后2号

Savoy Group                                                              萨沃伊饭店

ConradHotels                                                             康纳德酒店

"The Hotel Metropole, Monte Carlo"                          蒙特卡洛-梅特罗珀勒酒店

"Palais de Chine, Taipei, Taiwan"                             台湾台北-君品酒店

"Forte Village Resort, Sardinia, Italy"                        意大利撒丁岛-弗特度假村酒

"Qasr Al Sharq, Saudi Arabia"                                   沙特阿拉伯-卡斯尔夏克酒店

"Soneva Six Senses, Maldives"                                 马尔代夫-索尼瓦第六感度假村

"Four Seasons, Shanghai, China"                              中国-上海四季酒店

"Esperanza, Mexico"                                                  墨西哥-埃斯佩兰萨度假村

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